• 4 Feature Films
  • Over 150 TV Commercials
  • Worked with International Crews
  • Worked with Academy Award Nominated Filmmakers (Deepa Mehta, Uberto Pasolini)
  • Scheduling: Organizing pre-production and principal photography.
  • Paperwork: Experience in making and carrying out production schedules, call sheets and reports.
  • On-Set Administration: Running the set, making sure maximum productivity is achieved.
  • Directing of Background Action: Worked with big extra calls (500+) and have placed and directed extras and background actions for various scenes.
  • Experience With:
    • Children (infants, 2-5 year olds, 6-10 year olds, tweens, teens)
    • Animals (dogs, cats, elephants, pigs etc.)
    • Green Screen work
    • Picture Vehicles
    • Stunts (possess limited experience with stunt work)
  • Deepa Mehta
    Worked with the Academy Award nominated director of 'Water' on her epic film adaptation of Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children,' which was shot in Colombo over a period of 4 months in early 2011. I worked as Key Sri Lanka A.D. on the shoot.
  • Khyentse Norbu
    The acclaimed director from Bhutan was in Sri Lanka during 2011/2012, making his third film 'Vara: A Blessing' here in Sri Lanka. The entire film was shot in Kalutara and Dambulla. I worked as 2nd A.D.
  • Uberto Pasolini
    Pasolini, who produced the Academy Award nominated 1997 sleeper hit 'The Full Monty,' made his directorial debut in Sri Lanka with the acclaimed comedy 'Machan.' I worked as his 3rd A.D.
  • Berengar Pfahl
    The veteran German TV helmer has worked in Sri Lanka on several occasions. He shot part of his WWI epic 'Die Manner der Emden' in Galle, Dikwella, Hambantota and Colombo. I worked as Key Sri Lanka A.D.
  • Julio Del Alamo
    Julio Del Alamo was in Sri Lanka to shoot the Spanish TV spot for a cologne launched by Adolfo Dominguez, starring Eduardo Noriega. I worked as 2nd A.D.
  • John Bonito
    An action director whose credits include The Marine starring John Cena and Carjacked starring Stephen Dorff. Bonito was here shooting three action-filled commercials for Reliance Net Connect. I worked as his 2nd A.D. on the shoot, which took place in Colombo and Dambulla.
  • Andrei Selivanov
    Andrei Selivanov was in Sri Lanka shooting a few episodes of the hit Russian TV series 'Veronica.' Worked as his Key Sri Lanka A.D.
  • Ram Madhvani
    Ram Madhvani was in the country to shoot the Sri Lankan leg of a football promo by Airtel. I worked as the Key Sri Lanka A.D. on the shoot.
  • Kanika Myer
    An experienced filmmaker based in Mumbai, Kanika Myer was in Sri Lanka to shoot two epic TV spots - Anchor patriotic and a campaign ad for the re-election campaign of President Mahinda Rajapakse. Both involved days of travel and shooting across Sri Lanka. I worked as 1st A.D.
  • Suren De Silva
    A veteran TV commercial director and producer in Sri Lanka, with 25 years of experience under his belt. Worked five years as 1st A.D. under his company.
  • Ashish Sawhney
    Worked with him as 1st A.D. on several TV commercials in Sri Lanka. He is based in Mumbai, India.
  • Roshan Shetty
    Worked with him as 1st A.D. on a series of Baby Cheramy commercials, which featured infants and children.
  • V. K. Prakash
    Worked as his 1st A.D. on several commercials over half a decade, mainly for the dairy company Fonterra Brands.
  • Amit Sharma
    Worked with him on a pair of commercials, as 2nd A.D. alongside The Film Team Sri Lanka.
  • Moving Temple Films, Hong Kong
  • Hamilton Mehta Midnight Productions, Canada
  • Lisa Film, Austria
  • Studio Babelsberg, Germany/UK
  • Biscuit Films, Kuala Lumpur
  • Chrome Pictures, Mumbai
  • Nirvana Films, Mumbai/Bangalore
  • Equinox Films, Mumbai
  • Video Image (Pvt) Ltd
  • Vision Works
  • The Film Team
  • Crew For Shoots
  • X-10
  • Film Farm SL
  • Helium180
  • 2010 – Production Manager, Life Streaming – an experiential theatre project conceived and directed by noted Dutch theatre director Dries Verhoeven
  • 2009, 2010 – Writer/Producer ETV Power Women
  • 2005 - Writer/Researcher of the 10-part documentary series Children of Tsunami for TVE (South Asia)
  • 1999 – 2004 – Producer – MTV News, Sri Lanka
  • 1995 – 2004 – Radio Newscaster/Writer/News Editor (Yes FM)
prasad pereira

       prasad pereira